Thursday, May 5, 2011

1.5 soon to be released

Thank you so much for your feedback, will make a few changes as soon as possible. Work has busy and has kept my time tight, but thanks again for your support.

I am considering a few changes in the hymn book, version 1.5, and first and foremost I will make these changes:
1) I know playing with the zoom is kind of tedious, so that goes away first.
2) I will place a hymn directory/index. Where you can search by number or by name the desired hymn.
3) Image quality control, since internet connections vary, I will make the choice be made by the user on how good the quality of the image will be. 

For release 2.0 I am considering this where possible:
a) Hymn Slider, to slide from hymns with one slide. ** Though it takes a lot memory and interent speed **
b) PDF-rendering of the hymns rather than JPEG. ** It takes more work for the phone to render a PDF, but if possible I think the choice has to be made by the user. **
c) Download of all hymns rather than loading hymns from the Internet ** Will check if the Church's copyrights on the hymns remain intact **

Let me know your thoughts, and thanks again!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Update to 1.4, Ready with Minor Fixes

Thank you for your support!, thanks to your feedback I have been able to detect really minor issues; for instance, the hymn-loading process can now be canceled (important when internet is slow), and also the double-tap zoom-in function is now working (was disabled by default).

For the next weekend I will try to give me some time to come up with a way to auto re-size (fit-to-screen) of the musical notes to make them more readable specially for devices with smaller screens. But should I make this a default function or more of a optional thing? Let me know & THANKS AGAIN!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

LDS Hymn Book 1.2 (Trial Version) Now Available!

So I decided to add a trial version for those like me who want to know more about the product app before buying.

There is an access limit, only Hymns 1 through 30 can be accessed by this app.  

I am sure you will find this app very useful as I have, and if you do like the app help yourself to download the full version available at the android market too.

I would love to hear anything you would like to say! (any feedback or any comments is much appreciated), though this release feels very solid, I am constantly scanning for any bugs or imperfections! Please DO let me know!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

LDS Hymn Book 1.2 Now Available!

This morning I took a look at the problem the app had with the User Interface (the buttons appeared to too small in the screen once uploaded to Google Market, but it was only a small technicality issue and it was quickly resolved) It is now optimized at compilation with zip-aligned and it is working as expected.

I added to this particular version another minimal internal component that was not present in the first version that should add some stability to the program, and the app actually feels much more solid and better. The code is kept simple, but because there are just too many Android devices out there and each works differently I do not discard the possibility of some re-adjustment in the future.

Have a great morning!,

... Updating App (to version 1.2)

So I tested the app available at Google to make sure it is the same as my compiled version, and it somehow looks different, the UI looked damaged. So I immediately took the App down. I suspect this happened during a post-compilation process called "Zip Alignment" which helps for app performance, but apparently it damaged the UI layout. Google suggests this alignment be applied to all Apps before being published, but if that is the cause of the problem I will either skip o try to look for another tool.

Luckily this is nothing serious, and should be a quick fix.

Will update first thing in the morning to my actual compiled version, and will Zip Align with another tool (if necessary at all). The update will also consist of a small functionality addition.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LDS Hymn Book Finnaly Published!

Thank you so much for passing by! It is official! The LDS Hymn Book 1.1 is now available on the Android Market! The cost is a symbolic $1.49, if you do download it I DO appreciate your patronage.

This is the first published version of my app. I have had it for a couple weeks actually but never shared it. I found it very useful. The app idea actually originated  from a personal need of a quick app that would just show me the quickly the hymn during a meeting/class. I know there are apps like this for the iPhone but when I looked for android I could NOT find one!! So I decided to write one just for myself for my own use, nothing complicated, just something I could really use. I hope someone else might find this app quite neat/useful.

Ive learned from experience that software is never bug-free no matter how simple the program is... so please let me know if you happen to come across an imperfection.

Thanks again!

Greetings from Austin, Texas!

LDS Hymn Book Is Being Uploaded!

Hello, and welcome to this site! I am just about to upload the app to the android market. I will be working on that this morning. Please feel comfortable to let me know if you have any tips or if you find any bugs in the app.

I have not tested the app in other devices other than mine, EVO 4G, HP Zeen (Tablet) and of course in the Emulators. In all three the app worked flawlessly. I am sure there will come up some issues I will try to address as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance!