Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LDS Hymn Book Finnaly Published!

Thank you so much for passing by! It is official! The LDS Hymn Book 1.1 is now available on the Android Market! The cost is a symbolic $1.49, if you do download it I DO appreciate your patronage.

This is the first published version of my app. I have had it for a couple weeks actually but never shared it. I found it very useful. The app idea actually originated  from a personal need of a quick app that would just show me the quickly the hymn during a meeting/class. I know there are apps like this for the iPhone but when I looked for android I could NOT find one!! So I decided to write one just for myself for my own use, nothing complicated, just something I could really use. I hope someone else might find this app quite neat/useful.

Ive learned from experience that software is never bug-free no matter how simple the program is... so please let me know if you happen to come across an imperfection.

Thanks again!

Greetings from Austin, Texas!


  1. Hello
    I just tried this on the Motorola X,Android Version 2.2.1 and got as far as the first page, with the screen that looks like a calculator. From there I could go no where. I would like to buy and try again. Can you suggest anything? Larry

  2. @Larry

    Hey Larry!, you have a perfectly capable phone for this app, do you get any error messages from the app? or does the app freeze??

    The app DOES require internet access because it does NOT download any media into the device (due to copyright restrictions), so it is important that you check the 3g/wifi is working before you launch the app.

    You can try this:
    1) exit the app (preferably w/the '<-' back button)
    2) turn 3g/wifi/4g/.. ON
    3) launch back the app
    4) type the hymn number and click the Top Button (the one that changes as you type).

    After this you should be able to see the hymn, I do have to comment the hymns are sometimes heavy to load for a 3g connection (70-150kb), but if you have 4g/wifi you should be able to see them almost instantly.