Thursday, May 5, 2011

1.5 soon to be released

Thank you so much for your feedback, will make a few changes as soon as possible. Work has busy and has kept my time tight, but thanks again for your support.

I am considering a few changes in the hymn book, version 1.5, and first and foremost I will make these changes:
1) I know playing with the zoom is kind of tedious, so that goes away first.
2) I will place a hymn directory/index. Where you can search by number or by name the desired hymn.
3) Image quality control, since internet connections vary, I will make the choice be made by the user on how good the quality of the image will be. 

For release 2.0 I am considering this where possible:
a) Hymn Slider, to slide from hymns with one slide. ** Though it takes a lot memory and interent speed **
b) PDF-rendering of the hymns rather than JPEG. ** It takes more work for the phone to render a PDF, but if possible I think the choice has to be made by the user. **
c) Download of all hymns rather than loading hymns from the Internet ** Will check if the Church's copyrights on the hymns remain intact **

Let me know your thoughts, and thanks again!


  1. Thank you for your effort! I am so grateful someone is working on this, I always use my phone for singing in church and this app will make it so much easier! Thanks again for your hard work!

  2. I paid for your app and it worked fine for about 20 minutes. Now it gets stuck on 10% down loaded. I even had all the speeds downloaded.

  3. I'm experiencing something similar to @rkpowell. It says you can store the hymns on the device, but I can't see how. It always needs a web connection to display the hymn. The clarity is good and but this would be unusable at church, which is why I want it on my device - Motorola Razor. I've looked for instructions per chance I'm not doing something correctly. Help would be appreciated -

  4. Any chances to get this for the german hymn book?